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Are you fed up with your never-ending search for Dropbox or Egnyte files? Does your team ever open and edit the wrong Dropbox or Egnyte files? Are you worried about sharing important files publicly in the cloud?

Dropbox allows you to Share a Dropbox Link, which creates a copy of the file that a coworker can download. Any changes made to that copy are not in the original file you are working on. Dropbox also allows you to share a folder with a coworker but it's annoying to communicate where to find a specific file in Dropbox.

With DropClip, in a single click, you can send coworkers who have DropClip directly to any file in a shared Dropbox or Egnyte folder already on their Mac.

How do I use DropClip?

Simply right click on a file or folder in a shared Dropbox or Egnyte folder and choose Copy DropClip Link. You can then paste the link it creates and sent it to a co-worker (e.g. dropclip://Nzk2NzA3Ng/Acme/ProjectPlan.doc). If they have DropClip and Dropbox/Egnyte installed on their Mac, it will open the shared file in Finder

How do I send a DropClip link to someone?

When you select Copy DropClip Link, it copies it to your clipboard. You can simply paste this link in Mail, Gmail, Skype or any other type of communication tool.

Do I need Dropbox or Egnyte to use DropClip?

Dropbox and Engyte are key requirements for most of the features of DropClip. You can get Dropbox here https://www.dropbox.com/install and Engyte at http://www.egnyte.com

If you don’t have DropBox nor Egnyte, you can still use the Copy File Link option (see below).

What is the Copy File Link feature

Simply right click on a file and select Copy File Link to get the path to any file on your Mac. In the preferences, you can configure how Copy File Link works to either create a:

Readable Path (e.g. /Shared Drive/Acme/Project Schedule.xlsx)
- To share the path to a Dropbox or Egnyte file with a Windows user
- Get the path to a file that you can paste in the Terminal
- If you have a shared network drive to share the path to a file

Clickable Link to a File (e.g. file:///Shared%20Drive/Acme/Project%20Schedule.xlsx)
- To create a clickable link to any file on your computer
- If you have a shared network drive to share a clickable file link

How do I share a link with a Windows user?

Currently DropClip only works on Mac. But you can use the Copy File Link to tell a Window’s user where the file is. It’s not a clickable link but it’s quicker than explaining where the file is.

I don't see the Copy DropClip Link option?

When you right click on a file, it will be either at the bottom of the menu or under the Services menu. If you are running Snow Leopard OS 10.6, you will need to reboot your computer after you install DropClip.

How do I setup a shared Dropbox folder with someone?

Dropbox shows you how easy it is https://www.dropbox.com/help/19/en

Why do I get the error "DropClip couldn't find this file" ?

The user that sent you the link may not have shared the Dropbox or Egnyte folder in which the file resides or the file may have been renamed or deleted.

How can I get rid of this message when I paste a link "Get DropClip at http://madefresh.ca/dropclip"?

In the DropClip preferences, click under General settings and uncheck "Add a message".

Why won't the DropClip Link appear as a clickable link?

Some applications like Word and Skype won't display it as a clickable link. You can however simply copy and paste the link in the address bar of Safari or Firefox, which will then bring you to the file.

When the DropClip hotkeys are enabled, you can simply copy the link and press Command+Option+o and DropClip will open the link

I still need help

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