Created exclusively for Great-West Life

Great-West Life commissioned Freshcode to create an iOS app that would help consumers manage their medications and provide access to detailed drug information. Freshcode was responsible for designing and developing the application from the product design through engineering, QA and submission to the AppStore.

The Great-West Life DrugHub app puts a virtual medicine cabinet in the user’s pocket and helps make managing medications easy. DrugHub reminds the user when to take medications, lets them know when to order refills, and gives instant access to a library of detailed drug information, including thousands of physician-reviewed drug articles – everything the user needs to stay on top of their medication schedule and needs.


Drug Database

Powerful search feature for information about thousands of medications and prescription drugs.


Keep track of the dosages of your various medications.


DrugHub reminds you when to take medications.


DrugHub gives you instant access to Great-West Life's library of detailed drug information, including thousands of physician-reviewed drug articles.


Learn about your medications – what's in them, how to take them, possible interactions, side effects and more.


DrugHub will track how much of a medication you've taken and will remind you to re-order when you're due for a refill.
DrugHub is a trademark of The Great-West Life Assurance Company. All rights reserved.


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